image of a bed settee

Bed Settees

Bed settees have proved to be enormously useful in many different circumstances: for a quick power nap in the privacy of your office, to put some friends up for the night, to sit and watch football or they may serve as the setting for many an iniquitous encounter.

A bed settee is, however, first and foremost a sofa or couch, which has a metal frame and soft folded mattress that can be unfolded and turned into a bed.

In the bed settees couch form, decorative cushions can be placed on its seat to hide the bed just waiting to be slept on underneath.

Bed Settees - what to look for

Bed settees can be found in many shapes, styles and sizes and are categorized accordingly:

• Chair settees open up to form a cot-size bed, which is big enough to sleep one person.
• Double bed settees, which typically assume a two-seater couch, can sleep two people.
• Queen sized settees are slightly more generous in the space they afford; sleeping two to three adults.

Because of their dual functionality, bed settees are a very practical item to have in your home or office. They offer the same comfort as your standard couch or sofa but with the added function of providing a sleeping place without taking up as much space as a bed would, nor do they expose your affinity for an afternoon nap at work.

Bed settees are becoming an increasingly popular addition to one's collection of household furniture, especially for those who do not have a guest room. Bed settees allow you to accommodate guests without having to make additional space in your home. Furniture manufacturers have copped on to this increasing popularity and are now incorporating bed settees into their lounge suite collections. So now you don't have to struggle to match the bed settee you've always wanted with the floral sofa suite you inherited from grandma. You can buy the whole set!

Bed settees are also referred to as a convertible sofa, sleeper couch or sofa bed and were first introduced on the market in the 1930s and 1940s. At this time in our history – a period when society was still reeling and recovering from the Great Depression and then having to face another impending World War - bed settees were an incredibly practical choice for one's home, because more often than not, they were small, families were large and comprised of several generations.

These early bed settees typically had thin mattresses with limited padding; some were collapsible and lay flat while other more complex models featured the folded frame within its structure. This was then folded out to assume the shape of a bed.

Today, bed settees, in accordance with our modern day high expectations of comfort, are pure visions of luxury combined with style. With the enormous number of furniture manufacturers offering custom or pre-made bed settees, it is now possible to choose the one that would perfectly suit the interior décor of your home. Alternatively, you could design your own! The only obstacles standing between you and your dream bed settee are the limits to your imagination and/or the depth of your pockets.

In today's highly pressurized society, people are constantly on the look out for ways to make their day-to-day life more convenient as well as cut down on time expenditure. One of the ways people are doing this is by converting that extra bedroom into a gym or an office. Owning bed settees provide the perfect backup in the event that the parents come for a surprise visit, your children want a sleepover, or a friend has one too many glasses of wine to drive home. And because of the variety of sizes in which bed settees come, you can purchase the one that best fits in with the ergonomics of your room.

Smaller bed settees, such as a love seat or single-seater couch are perfect for those smaller rooms and spaces, while the mammoth King sized bed settees, available in every style and fabric (including leather), are virtually spacious enough to put the whole neighborhood up at your house!

The oversized bed settees of today are more than just places to sleep. To keep up with our growing obsession and demand for convenience, some of the more expensive ones, especially sectional bed settees, come complete with cup holders (for that essential cup of coffee in the morning, or beer while watching the football); reading lamps as well as remote controls that control lightning and the television. If this is not enough to send a husband screaming out to the nearest furniture store, then know that these more modernized bed settees also come with an array of settings, including the ability to recline on either end of the unit, creating a “lazy boy.”

So, apart from all the modern luxuries, accessories, fabrics and styles, what are the essentials to check for when investing in a bed settee ?

Always make sure you check the thickness and comfort of the mattress on bed settees, especially if you are expecting to use it to put up guests regularly. Some bed settees come only with thin mattresses, so be wary. While most mattresses are replaceable, this can prove to be extremely costly so it is best to ensure that you purchase one that's comfort will last. Nowadays bed settees come with a wide variety of mattresses from extra thick foam to ones with box springs.

If you are investigating buying an oversized bed settee, check the quality of the mattress; is should be made from high-density polyurethane foam. Since this unit is made to sleep two or more people, it is likely that it will be used more frequently in its bed form, than say single bed settees would. And of course, make sure that your bed settee is as comfortable to sleep on as it is to sit on: make sure those cushions are thick and comfortable!

There is a widely shared, but severely misinformed perception that bed settees are less comfortable than normal couches or beds, and that they are only kept by people in houses with space limitations. While bed settees are notorious space savers, manufacturers, under high demand, are producing incredibly comfortable blends of pure luxury and style! If you have always wanted to reclaim your guest bedroom and turn it into the art room, office, gym, entertainment or storage room, then you can do so today with bed settees! Because you know that you will have a comfortable place to accommodate guests, lying ready to be folded out at any time.